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Event Food and Drink 2023

Food and drink is provided by our restaurant and bar at Cottonwood Cottage (outside food or drink is not allowed). Food pricing is dependent on the menu you choose and the number of people attending your wedding.  Our most common wedding menus are $25.99 to $43.99 per person plus tax and gratuity.  There are many different food options you can choose so we will work with you to narrow things down to a menu that fits exactly what you desire.  Our food pricing includes serving staff so there is no additional labor fee.  


We have a full bar at Cottonwood so there are many different options for bar service.  A bartender is required for all events.  There is a $165 bartender fee.  A second bartender is required when guest count is 90 or above. 


For the bar you can choose to have:

1. guests pay for their own drinks

2. you host/pay for the beer and wine for your guests

3. you host/pay for the beer, wine and well drinks for your guests

4. you host/pay for anything behind the bar (beer, wine, wells and all additional liquor behind the bar) for your guests

5. or a combination- for example you host and pay for the first $600.00 for beer and wine and then your guests pay for all of their drinks after the $600.00 is spent.

When you choose to host alcohol we collect a pre book payment.  We do not have inflated "event day" pricing so the prices you pay for drinks at your wedding event will be the same as if you walked into our restaurant and ordered the same drink.   Another great part about having a full bar is we have multiple styles of alcohol and multiple beers on tap. As an example, you do not have to pre buy multiple kegs that you may or may not finish because we already offer multiple styles of draft beer.  Another great option with our full bar is if you are hosting beer and wine only and a guest wants to order Jack Daniels he/she can buy that drink at the bar from us. 

If you choose to host alcohol a bar pre-book is required.  This is money set up to pay for drinks at the bar for you and your guests.  We will help you determine the amount required for your pre-book.  

Cottonwood Cottage pricing for draft beer, wine and well drinks

Draft Beer $7.00

Wine $7.00

Well Drinks $7.00

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