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We applied our 20 years of experience managing weddings in Northern Nevada to streamline your wedding planning process to save you time and money.  Unlike other venues in Northern Nevada where you are required to research, interview, and hire your own vendors--which can add complexity to your planning process--Cottonwood Cottage's all-inclusive "Total Package" already has the vendor services ready for your immediate approval. In addition to streamlining your vendor process, we offer our brides and grooms a monthly payment option to ease the burden of overall wedding costs. 

Vendor Selection

We selected the best vendors (DJ, florist, photographer, wedding cake) based on our years of experience with each one, and we made them part of our Total Package. You'll have the opportunity to get to know each vendor, but leave the booking and managing to us. We're confident you'll love our selection, but if the vendor doesn't feel right to you, don't worry -- we have others to select from.   


Monthly Payments

Make interest-free monthly payments toward your package leading up to your wedding.   

Vendor Exceptions

You may remove and/or replace up to one specific vendor service if you do not wish go with a particular Total Package vendor, or if you  would like to go with a vendor who is outside of the Total Package.*  As an example, if you have a close friend who makes wedding cakes, we want you to be able to use that service.  If you remove a specific vendor from the Total Package,  we will remove the associated cost for that service from the overall package price.  All changes must be approved in writing by Cottonwood Cottage at time of booking the Total Package. 

*Food and drink cannot be replaced within the Total Package 

Click here if you want to rent Cottonwood Cottage and bring in your own vendors.

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